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Hoss and Anna


This is a puppy from one of our past litters. Blue Jay Ently's is an AKC Breeder of Merit. Learn more by visiting our "Puppies" page.


Here is Giggle just hanging out sunning herself on our deck.


Giggle is very photogenic! She knows how to play to a camera and show her personality.

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Henry from Blue Jay Ently'sFrom the moment we decided to add an Entle to our family, Paula was outstanding in helping us decide which of her puppies would fit into our family best. We talked about different characteristic, traits and temperaments of the puppies in her litter. Paula decided on one of the males from Montana and Hoss litter. The moment Henry arrived here we were in love. Paula was very meticulous about making arrangements for him to be flown. Henry arrived safe with a blanket and toy that had his mom and Paula’s scent on them to remind him of where he came from. Henry still sleeps with both of these to this day, almost 3 years later. Paula continues to check in with us periodically to see how Henry is doing.
Entlebucher Henry
How do I describe Henry? Physically Henry is exceptional. His markings are beautiful and his body is lean. We are constantly being told what a great looking dog he is. Henry is bright, alert, friendly, devoted, gentle, proud, even-tempered, quick leaner and very intelligent. He only barks when he is protecting his home or owners. Henry loves to be by my side. He is the happiest when he is with us but even happier with a stick or ball in his mouth. 

I have had him in several classes – different levels of obedience, agility and nose work.  All of the instructors have been impressed with his quick ability to learn new things. Henry gets frustrated at times in class, but two different instructors have told me that I am not quick enough for his intelligence. He does not want to practice something he knows. He wants to learn something new. We would never consider owning another Entle from a breeder other than Paula.
Katie Keller

Entlebucher Woody with his FamilyHi Paula, We just wanted to check in with you and let you know how Woody is doing! Woody is now 8 years old, but is still mistaken for a puppy. Despite a few more gray hairs on his chin, Woody still looks like he did the first year we brought him home. People love to stop us when we are out and ask questions about what kind of dog he is, and the local vets know Woody before they know us. He has become quite famous in our area amongst dog people! Woody spends his time keeping up with his sisters Leah (5 years old) and Loren (3 years old). They like to go outside to the swingset while Woody "chases" them as they swing! Woody also loves to be with this "pack!" Wherever we are, so is Woody! We have enjoyed every single minute we've had with Woody. Prior to Woody, I (Stephanie) was hesitant around dogs. Since having Woody, I have fallen in love with dogs and cannot imagine life without him. There is no doubt that we will always have an Entlebucher in our lives! Thank you Paula for all you do for this breed!

The Macy's
Elizabethtown, KY

Having never heard of the Entlebucher breed and reading only positive attributes, we still had no idea just what a perfect choice we had made! It isn't Jake's appearance, which is just about the cutest ever, or the way people are immediately drawn to him… It isn't his speed on the agility course that brings the applause… It's not the phenomenal intelligence and the quickness of his learning… It's not his eyes, as he listens so intently and cocks his head- then answers softly, "ooof". It's not his response to the simple words, "enough" and "settle"… after leaping off the diving rocks into the pool for toys... he simply stops and rests. Nope. It's his sheer joy that is our greatest delight! As he greets "his dad" when he's home from work, Jake grabs a toy and races through the house with unequaled happiness. We call it "happy feet"! Most importantly, Jake is a constant reminder to not take life too seriously, laughter is the best medicine, and there is always time for play!

Entlebucher Jake lives in Nevada Paula we want you to know how much we appreciate you and Blue-Jay Entlys. Jake continues to amaze us. He is so much fun to train (his latest accomplishment is bringing me his bowl at feeding time, and we're working on putting his toys away), and responds to our "commands" as if they are privileges. He has taken to the Agility Course as if he had done it in a past life; so smart, so energetic, absolutely loving it, and so fun to watch! He is our constant companion. Because he is so well behaved and travels so well, we take him everywhere: Bass Pro Shop, Sportsman's Warehouse, Home Depot, the feed store, the bank!  Because his gentle and sensitive temperament is so inviting, everyone asks about him, and we sing your praises to all! You have done a fabulous job Paula, we trust you and your breeding implicitly, and that's why we have made the decision to get Jake a little sister from Blue-Jay!  You're the best, Paula and we thank you for all you've added to our lives!

Woody and Trish Wood
The Bunkhouse Ranch
Las Vegas, Nevada

About 7 years ago an Ently came into our lives. Everybody knows that one good Ently deserves another, so now we have two. We have found them to be very dedicated and enthusiastic friends who seem to have a strong desire to keep close track of their people. They always seem to know when a family member is absent and always keep a sharp eye out for that persons return. When any family member returns from being gone for even a short time, they always receive a royal Ently welcome including wiggling rear ends and Ently Song. Sometimes we think that they are going to wiggle right out of their skins. We all feel very welcome whenever we come home, whether we have been gone for an hour or a week.

Two Entlys playing tug with a NylaBoneIt's always fun to watch them play together, and with us. They are always ready for whatever games we might want to play, and never tire before the people do. Although they both have distinctly different personalities, it's also interesting to see how they are very similar in many ways, from the way they both try to herd us (and each other), to the sounds they make, to the way they look at you when it's time to eat, and to the way they flop down like bookends when it's time to rest up in between adventures. We are all very thankful to you for your guidance over the years, with helpful suggestions like the importance of taking our friends through basic obedience, help finding good vets, and other tips regarding their care. Because of this our Entlys are happy, healthy family members who are often better behaved than our children. Attached is a picture of our Entlys playing "I want the bone". They each have one, but they always want the same one. Thank you for letting have the privilege of owning such wonderful dogs~  C & W Lee -- Mt Juliet, TN

We want to thank you for giving us the privilege of having one of your dogs. She comes from great lines and was well-socialized as a pup before we got her. Since then, she has woven herself completely into the fabric of our household. She's been a wonderful companion, a loyal friend, and a great all-around play pal. We've had dogs before, but we've found the entle to be an especially wonderful combination of intelligence, independence, energy, and devotion."   J.S. and S.S. -- Ashland, OH

Happy puppy owners from Ashland Ohio Entlebucher drinking from hose

Blue Jay Ently Freya with ownersI know you know how happy we are with Freya in our family, but for the record can I just say that she is the sweetest dog a family could have. She is absolutely devoted to us all and is wonderful about watching out for our property and belongings. I never worry about leaving the house, since she is a huge deterrent to anyone interested in coming through the gate. When she comes with me in the car, I leave the windows all the way down for her comfort, but don't think twice about anyone reaching in for my things. For all her intelligent eyes and fierce bark, I would trust her with the tiniest of children -- she is a gentle and sensitive creature that makes me proud when someone stops me in the street to ask about such a beautiful animal.

Thank you so much for making her possible in our lives!

L. Ray
Saratoga, CA

Blue Jay Entlebucher Mountain DogI can't tell you how thrilled I am to be buying one of your puppies. After meeting you and Bello at the dog show in Washington, DC several years ago, I hoped someday to be the proud owner of one of your puppies. I have gone to several dog shows observing handlers and owners to determine what kind of breeder and animal I wanted to buy. Bello is far and above the most beautiful animal I have seen. He was sweet tempered and gorgeous to watch as he pranced around the ring in fluid motion. I know from experience that animals are an extension of their owners and you have done a great job! I am so happy that you spend the time to get to know your prospective buyers and are so helpful in answering questions. A puppy is a lifetime commitment to me and I am so happy I have found a breeder who is willing to spend the time and energy to breed an exceptional dog. My husband has had a picture of Bello on his desk at work for a year now, telling everyone he was going to get a puppy from Bello's breeding line. I have shown my husband an Entlebucher on the street, but told him that his puppy would be 10 times the dog we saw - in conformation and personality. So, we are both thrilled to be getting a puppy from Bello's daughter.

Thank you again for breeding with such high standards because it definitely shows in the quality of your puppies. Because you are an exceptional and dedicated breeder, it is well worth it to me to fly from San Francisco to Cincinnati to get one of your puppies. I look forward to picking our puppy up in November.

Thanks,   L & R. Harter ~ San Francisco, CA

It was truly a great pleasure working with Paula and her stud Bello in breeding our bitch Tellie (2002). Bello is not only an extremely good-looking Entle, he is also very well-tempered and well-raised, so the breeding was easy and quick. Paula was so nice to accommodate for our need to breed here in our town. Having Paula guide us through the process of raising and selling the puppies made the entire process fun and a great experience for our family. She is very knowledgeable, helpful, easygoing and optimistic and went out of her way in helping us find good homes for the puppies and even delivering most of them! One could not ask for a better and fairer stud owner!

Paula, thanks again so much!
R.H. and M.H. ~ Nashville, TN
puppies Entlebucher Bello sired with Entlebucher Tellie

We could not be more thrilled with Ginger, our female Entlebucher from Paula Lacker's Blue Jay Ently's. I researched for a couple of years and kept coming back to the Ently. When our family decided it would be a good time for a dog, we contacted Paula. Paula is an amazing person who took the time to help us learn more about Entlys and guided us in choosing the right pup for our family.

Blue Jay Entlebucher GingerOur Ently, Ginger, has far exceeded our expectations. Ginger is very bright, listens well, learns very quickly, and does not bark unless there is something to bark about which is a great trait. Ginger, even at the age of 5 months, stays near our family on walks and hikes through our wooded 14 acres. She has already traveled with our family by car from our home, Middleton (Madison), Wisconsin, to Breckenridge, Colorado with no problems (not a small feat since it is a 16 hour drive one way). She loves our family and always wants to be involved in our activities. She loves physical contact by being very playful and will also just sit and snuggle in your lap when given the chance. We love Ginger very much and find her to be a wonderful companion and family member for all of us.

The E.G. & R.G. in Middleton, Wisconsin

Blue Jay Entlebucher GunterDear Paula,
Sorry not to have been in closer touch since we got our boy. Gunter has been an absolute delight to have as a part of our family. I have never been around a dog that has been as eager to please. During his obedience class Karl, the instructor, liked to use Gunter as the example to the class when trying new things. Entlebucher Gunter with his human mom and dadHe is great with other dogs (he has only growled at another one once) and fantastic with kids.

Most importantly, he is the most devoted and loving dog I have ever been lucky enough to be around. I hope that you enjoy the pics, and hopefully we will get a chance to talk soon. Thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs!

With much love,
Justin, Ashley and Gunter


The Sheard Family

I love my dog Heidi. Heidi is always happy to see me when I come home. She is so soft and furry and likes to snuggle with me on my beanbag. When I am sad or frustrated she helps me cool down and makes me happy. I feel so lucky to have a dog as nice as Heidi. By: Joe
Blue Jay Entlebucher Heidi
My dog Heidi is the best! Whenever she is around I feel good. I love it when she sleeps in my room. She loves to take socks from everybody in my family and sleep with them on her pillow. She's so funny! I couldn't imagine life without her. By: Emily

Blue Jay Entle Heidi

I love Heidi soo much! By: Dan

Entlebucher Heidi

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