Entlebucher Mountain Dogs- General Information

Entlebucher Mountain Dog General Information

Ently's excel in obedience, agility, rally, flyball and many other activities.

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Hoss and Anna


This is a puppy from one of our past litters. Blue Jay Ently's is an AKC Breeder of Merit. Learn more by visiting our "Puppies" page.


Here is Giggle just hanging out sunning herself on our deck.


Giggle is very photogenic! She knows how to play to a camera and show her personality.

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Breeding Quality Entlebucher Mountain Dogs
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Entlebucher Bello laying in a bed of flowersEntly's are very intelligent and love having a job to do. My dogs are not barkers generally. If an Ently is barking you need to investigate. They do shed. My dogs have a spring and fall shedding season, but with weekly brushings you can keep the shedding to a minimum. They have a nice clean coat and do not require frequent baths. They do require daily exercise; a nice thirty minute walk or run at least twice a day is sufficient to use up the energy that this breed can have. This breed has been known to become obsessed over playing with and chasing balls. Please do not use ball throwing as your only source of exercise as I believe it is not good for the joints of a growing puppy to be constantly subjected to only this type of exercise. Also when I am outside with my dogs, I want my dogs to be enjoying my company without the distraction of them worrying about where the ball is. I feel very strongly about this and give this warning to all of my puppy buyers.

I also highly recommend that the puppy attend a puppy kindergarten class as well as an obedience class after the age of 6 months. I would suggest that you visit the dog class first and observe the class. Make sure that you agree with the training techniques they use. If you do not feel comfortable, leave and find someone else. I feel every dog needs a foundation of obedience to make it a better pet, not just the Entlebucher. I have always said, "You get out of your dog, what you put into it."

Entlebucher group with my niece

This breed does cost more than the average Labrador or Golden. The fact that these dogs are rare does reflect in the price. I personally put a significant amount of time, energy, devotion, research and love into promoting this breed. The cost of maintaining a quality breed line is high, which also reflects in the price. I have shown my dogs all over the country and I have placed many titles on my dogs.

You must also understand that this breed requires testing prior to breeding and you are not guaranteed that the puppy you purchase as a breeding prospect will ever be able to breed. When your dog is two years old, they must have their hips and elbows x-rayed to make sure that they are free of hip and elbow dysplasia, prior to breeding. Their eyes must also be checked prior to breeding, and this should be done annually on all Entlys as part of their health check.

Not everyone should own an Entlebucher. They should not be chosen simply because of their beautiful appearance, or because they look good in photographs. If the qualities of this dog appeal to you and you are willing to have a partnership with a quality dog which includes training for each other, learning to work as a team, living with each other and accepting everything that you have read as part of the package, then an Ently is for you. They are an incredibly wonderful breed and when placed in the proper home they will flourish. Please contact me and together we will decide if an Entlebucher is right for you and your family.

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