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Hoss and Anna


This is a puppy from one of our past litters. Blue Jay Ently's is an AKC Breeder of Merit. Learn more by visiting our "Puppies" page.


Here is Giggle just hanging out sunning herself on our deck.


Giggle is very photogenic! She knows how to play to a camera and show her personality.

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Ently puppyIn the Beginning:

I have lived on a 47 acre farm since I was 6 years old and have enjoyed the good fortune in my life to be surrounded by many pets. When I was an infant our family dog, Margie, slept under my crib and I felt this incredible bond. I knew that dogs were destined to be a part of my life forever. Our family always had pets: rabbits, cats, dogs, cows, ponies, horses even a turkey, and a donkey that we had for 28 years.

Showing Experience:

Having the opportunity to show dogs since 1976 has enabled me to travel all over the world; some of the places include Europe, Canada and Bermuda. I have met people with the same interest as myself while making wonderful friends and memories. I have had the chance to show at the prestigious Westminster. I have attended a dog show in Belgium and was fortunate to attend the Crufts Dog show in London England, the final show there. Crufts is now held in Birmingham England. I have also attended the authentic Ank├Ârung in Switzerland- this is where they judge the conformation and temperament of their Swiss breeding stock.

How Did I Get Involved With Entlebuchers:

Entlebucher puppy Hanna and Paula at ARBA showI found the Entlebucher in a book called "Atlas of Dog Breeds of the World". I did more research and decided that this was the breed or me. I then waited about 2 yrs until I was ready to add another dog to our family. I imported my first Entlebucher Hanna from Europe in 1995 with the intent to show and breed her. At that time the only show venues for Entlys were the American Rare Breed Association shows and United Kennel Club shows. I had a blast! Hanna and I traveled from one coast to the other and also Florida. Hanna was a great traveler. One time I missed my connecting flight and Hanna was patiently waiting for me in the Orlando Airport. She was fine, I was FRANTIC! Hanna was everything you would want in an Ently.

After showing for many years, I was very happy to hear the news that Entlebuchers were receiving full AKC recognition. To put it mildly, I was ecstatic! Prior to this, Entlys were only permitted to show in the AKC Companion events obedience, rally and agility. Since I already had the first AKC obedience and rally titled Entlebuchers; my next goal was to have the first AKC Conformation Champion. Well, we did it!! I say we because my sister, niece and a friend all helped me show my dogs. Susan, my friend whom I met while showing Rare Breed in California, was a great help! Her sister met Bello when we were in Washington DC receiving his award and fell in love with him. She wanted one of his puppies.

My sister has started showing this year and is in the process of joining my obedience club, Queen City Dog Training Club. After taking a class, she said, "the people there are so nice." It is true, you do meet the nicest people, with dogs! My niece, Anna has been showing dogs for about 8 years. She started showing in 4-H and continues to show and train our dogs. She is an excellent handler and helps tremendously when we have puppies.

Loving and living with dogs is a lifetime commitment. I am committed to this breed and enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience.

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