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Hoss and Anna


This is a puppy from one of our past litters. Blue Jay Ently's is an AKC Breeder of Merit. Learn more by visiting our "Puppies" page.


Here is Giggle just hanging out sunning herself on our deck.


Giggle is very photogenic! She knows how to play to a camera and show her personality.

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Showing Dogs

We have so much fun showing! 2011 was a wonderful year! Not only did we finish the first AKC Champion; we finished the first male and female Champions and Grand Champions making history in the Entlebucher Mountain Dog breed! Hoss: GCH Blue-Jay's He's A Hoss and Montana: GCH Blue-Jay's Wild Montana Sky were both Breeder/Owner Handled to their Championships and Grand Championships. AKC gives out a special award for dogs that are shown and finished out of the Bred-By-Exhibitor class.

First Male & Female AKC Entlebucher Mountain Dog Champions
First Entlebucher Champion, Hoss Second Entlebucher Champion, Montana
Hoss: GCH Blue-Jay's He's A Hoss Montana: GCH Blue-Jay's Wild Montana Sky

The following is from my FaceBook page, January 2011... this rather sums up my feelings:
I am happy to announce my good news.  I wanted to accomplish this in loving memory of three people.  The first; my Mother who was a big part of my life and my involvement in the dog world for the past 33 years.  The next are; Nancy Farnsworth and Alfred Taylor who both dreamed of the day that Entlebuchers became fully recognized and sadly were taken from us too soon.  I know they were watching from above.  I attended 8 dog shows and was able to complete the first 4 AKC Championships of the breed.  They are:
1) CH Blue-Jay's He's A Hoss
2) CH Blue-Jay's Wild Montana Sky
3) CH Blue-Jay's That Girl
4) CH Applecreeks Pilot to Bluejay
Thanks also to everyone that helped me during the last 2 weeks; could not have done it without your help!!

We also attended The National Dog Show in Philadelphia November 2011. It was the first time that Entlebuchers were on national TV being shown in the herding group!

Picture of the Westminster markee
The first year that Entlebuchers were accepted into the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club show,
I had the top male and female invited to show at the time the qualification period closed plus I was breeder/owner for both.

We have met many new friends this year and gotten together at shows. It really is a fun sport and I recommend it to everyone.

Our Westminster Adventure

We had the honor of participating in the 136th Westminster Kennel Club show, February 2012. We were part of the history making, first time Entlebuchers were permitted to show. We had a blast! As part of the preliminary activities we attended a Press Conference to introduce to the public, the six new breeds being shown for the first time at Westminster that year.

Entlebucher Hoss and Paula on Good Morning America TV Show We were in a parade in New York City with the new breeds and the Best In Show dog from the previous year. I had Hoss with me; we were interviewed and photographed by numerous reporters. We were also on the Good Morning America Show~ that was an experience of a lifetime! The new breeds were also asked to ring the closing bell for NASDAC~ while there, they photographed us and placed the pictures on the big Jumbo Tron in Times Square. It was just larger than life, literally. I do not like having my picture taken let alone, a picture seven stories tall.

My Entlebucher Giggle was also invited to Westminster. My niece Anna worked so hard and has been such an incredible help so I asked her to come along, show and join me on this girls adventure. We had a great time in New York, seeing the sights and going to Westminster. We answered so many questions about the breed and the dogs were photographed by so many media and visitors to the show. My favorite memory was when a mentally challenged little girl wanted to have her picture taken with Giggle. She hugged her and smiled so big for her parents to take a picture of her with my celebrity dog. It truly brought tears to my eyes. I was very proud that my dogs were wonderful ambassadors for the breed.Entlebucher Giggle earns an Award of Merit at Westminster 2012

Links to some of the articles, pictures & video coverage of our once-in-a-lifetime adventure:

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Energy Times- "Winner’s Circle" Article featuring interview and quotes on vitality, nutrition and health

Entlebucher Hoss on the Jumbo Tron in Madison Square Gardens The Better Show- Westminster Dog Show Features 6 New Breeds (funny street interviews with breed names)

Yahoo News- Coverage of Westminster News Conference 6 New Breed Intro's (Hoss featured photo)

The Baltimore Sun- Newspaper ran the story of 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show with Hoss featured photo

ABC News: Good Morning America - Paula and Entlebucher Hoss' Appearance during the 6 New Breeds at 136th Westminster feature.

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