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Blue Jay Ently Pictures?

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Hoss and Anna


This is a puppy from one of our past litters. Blue Jay Ently's is an AKC Breeder of Merit. Learn more by visiting our "Puppies" page.


Here is Giggle just hanging out sunning herself on our deck.


Giggle is very photogenic! She knows how to play to a camera and show her personality.

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Breeding Quality Entlebucher Mountain Dogs
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Blue Jay Ently's WELCOME YOU!

Entlebuchers are the smallest of the four Swiss Mountain dogs. The largest being the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, next in size is the Bernese Mountain Dog and then the Appenzeller. The Ently is a compact medium sized dog. They are 16-21 inches at the shoulders, which generally puts them between 45-65 pounds. The breed's native country is Switzerland where they enjoy a loyal following at this time. The official AKC breed standard can be found at: American Kennel Club - Entlebucher Mountain Dog. Ently's are loyal and devoted family dogs; they want to be with the family and doing whatever you are doing.

We encourage you to do a lot of Entlebucher breed research! Be sure to meet some before you commit to owning an Ently, then do a little more research on Entlebucher breeders. The choice of a reputable breeder can be just as important as choosing the breed itself. Not everyone should own an Entlebucher but I would not trade my Entlys for the world. At Blue Jay Ently's Kennel, we put a lot of time, effort, dedication and love into raising our puppies and choosing their families. We want our puppies to become well adjusted, healthy, loved pets and valued family members above all. Thank you for visiting!

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